Sunday, February 4, 2024


 These can be challenging times for us all. Falling in love can be the breath of fresh air that lifts our spirit. It begins with our own heart.❤️

When the morning wakes you up, take this precious moment to breathe into your heart. Be conscious of your feelings. If you feel any negative stress, make the choice to let it go. Be present as you deeply breathe in and out and release any discomfort. Visualize the goodness of your precious life and fill yourself up with loving feelings. Fall in love! Falling deeper inside your own well of love. Open to your sweet spot that is waiting for your arrival. Connect to the joy that love creates. Open your eyes to love all around. 

Be the one who reflects this love today. Be the reminder of love with all of your relationships. Fall in love over and over again.❤️

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

 It’s Up To Me

Breathing consciously relaxes me.  When I am present in this moment I hear the sweet notes of my Granddaughter singing.  When I feel the joy of the moment I relax deeper into my heart as it opens to the beauty of my youngest Granddaughter chatting up a storm.  There is a lovely calmness weaving through this heavenly morning.

Outside of this summer Covid bubble there is stress, fear, worry and struggle.  Our world is changing.  Life is different for us all.  The future is unclear as we let go of what our lives looked like.

I really like the idea of living present and taking one day at a time.  Savouring these precious moments become a new foundation of stability for my inner being.  Releasing my fears allows my mind to rest with a knowingness that all will unfold in it’s own time.  Living present gives me a gift of peaceful grace.  

I know the suffering comes and goes.  How I respond to it is my responsibility.  The passage of time allows me many chances to try again and respond with love.  Today has a great opportunity to become totally awesome!

I’m willing to be conscious… It’s up to me.  

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Goddess Says Goodnight

The Goddess Says Goodnight

A prayer at bedtime…

I will enjoy my sleep.
When I rest I will rejuvenate.
My body is feeling the comfort of my bed and covers.
I feel good in my heart.
I feel good in my skin.
All is well.
Everything is working out while I sleep.
I so appreciate my life.
Dreaming is beautiful.
I am excited to rest my body, mind and spirit.
Appreciation benefits me.
I am so grateful to feel safe in my home.
I feel safe in my heart.
Sleeping heals my body.
I love looking forward to tomorrow.
My heart feels so much love.
I bless my husband and my family.
I bless my children and hold them in my heart with love.
I bless my friends.
I pray for my loved ones who are struggling or unwell and see the miracles for them.
I am grateful for my well being.
Thank you God for my free will.
Thank you Goddess for keeping me conscious of truth.
I am peaceful.
My heart expands and my sleepiness takes me to heaven on earth.
*Breathe deeply as you count your blessings.
  Sleep well and peacefully Goddess*

Good Morning Goddess

Good Morning Goddess

Before you get out of bed sink into this prayer and see your day unfold reflecting this love that you are.

I am worthy.
 I welcome this really wonderful day.
I can give to others once I take care of my well being.
I am going to make time for me today.
I am in touch with my emotional body and feel peace.
Many gifts of respect will be realized today.
I am here open and loving.
I am in alignment with Source as I breathe deeply.
 I know I am guided by my heart.
I am happy because I will be feeling the joy of today.
This day will guide me moment to moment.
Today will reflect my loving heart
Everything is unfolding in perfect order and harmony.
I am resonating peace.
The goodness is in me and I am allowing it to shine all day.
Confidence is moving the energy in me.
I am prosperous and my business is prosperous..our staff are prosperous.
Wisdom will come to me.
I feel my healthy alive self.
Kindness keeps me humble.
My intuition will be strong.
I  feel my worth and value.
I know abundance is here.
My love is unconditional.
Everyone is on their own journey.
I am patient.
Well being is flowing to me.
I am feeling better today.
All of my significant relationships are authentic and loving.
My relationship with myself is growing and deepening.
I am attracting my match. (If you are desiring a partner or relationship)
My life partner is a reflection of my love, passion and wisdom
Passion is running through my veins.
I acknowledge that there is a universal power supporting me and taking care of me.
Creativity will be inserted into this day.
I will eat healthy and my thoughts will be positive.
I am in the stream of wellness.
I deserve goodness all day.
I will be present all day.
Today will be the best day.
I am excited to unwrap this day.
Thank you God for all of my blessings today.
Thank you Goddess for this magnificent day.

Friday, July 10, 2020


Today you can sit in the sunshine of Grace.
You have been on an emotional roller coaster and have been dedicated to releasing your fears. You have moved in and out of your anxieties feeling your human fragility and keeping you off balance.
Breathe into the hope that Grace has gifted you this morning. Grace gives comfort and a respite from stress and struggle.

Say out loud….
“Grace I welcome you on the wings of peace. Grace I melt into the love you share this day. Grace I am here with you for however long you can visit.”

Breathe into this graceful moment and feel your heart expand as you feel the excitement of this glorious day.

The Goddess has been with her fears intimately.  She has let go of another layer of dense negativity streaming from her past, screaming from her emotions.  At this time feel the space within that has opened the door to Grace and Gracefully connect to the Goddess that is in gratitude.  Grace has come for a visit today and the Goddess receives it with her open heart.

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Universe Has Our Back

The Universe Has Our Back

Have you ever felt a safe and secure relationship as a child.  Someone who made you feel protected and guided.  Unfortunately I grew up fearing God and worried that I was never good enough to be loved by God.  Religion did not create a safe heart for me in my younger days.    I pray that young parents bring the love of God and the Universe into the family heart.  So as the children grow into their life they have a safe connection inside them.  Feeling that you are not alone in the dark is important to all of us!

Although our religion did not really make me feel secure my Dad did.  He was strong in his body and soft in his heart.  I recognize this feeling from long ago.  My Dad was the one that had all the answers and helped me solve problems.  As a child growing up I knew he had my back. I felt the same feeling when I met my husband Bruce.  He had so many qualities of my Dad and more.  The icing on the cake was that he too was a spiritual explorer and he matched me there.  It is really wonderful to live your life with a partner you can share everything with.  I don’t think we would have found each other if we had not found that safe place in ourselves.

My journey thus far guided me to an awareness that God was love and this love was in me.  Wisdom also showed me that the Universe is God and this is also the partner of our dreams.  Knowing that the Universe  creates a peace that opens myself to a life that supports me.

I also have so much gratitude and appreciation for a knowing that God’s love sits in the center of my heart.  The Universe has my back, God has a divine plan and I am safe and secure. When the going gets tough and fearful events arrive at the doorway of my heart, I know that I will always be cared for and I will find my way.  Knowing that I have such a powerful back up plan wrapped around my life keeps me safe inside me.

I allow the darkness to play it’s self out and breathe deeply into my connection within.  In time, solutions arrive and the light begins to open me to a better experience.  Trusting that I will find my way and having faith that a new direction will become clear gives me patience.

The Universe has your back too!  It is our privilege and birthright to be supported and all we have to do is take one day at a time and support ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically.  If we do that… the Universe matches us.

The Goddess stays present with the wisdom and sacred partnership of the Universe.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Walking In Sunshine

Walking In Sunshine

Here I sit in front of our Lake as the morning light holds a mirror to its beauty. This lovely experience reminds me of the reflection I desire to be today.  Appreciation, gratitude and love becomes the reflection of my heart. If I walk in the sunshine I can carry the light with me.

I have a private, heavenly choice to be with any negative barriers that may find it’s way here in my heart.  If I breathe deeply into the dark spots within I have an opportunity to dissolve negativity.  It’s  just like when I am sitting on the dock under a cloudy sky and wait for the clouds to pass.  Eventually a ray of sunshine peaks over the edge of the cloud starting to warm my skin.  A little at a time the sun beams expand until a warming blanket covers my body.  This experience fills me as the warmth and good feeling of light opens my heart until I am full.  When my heart is full of kindness, joy, love and peace I feel like I am walking in sunshine where ever I am and my presence is felt warmly.

Our beautiful, warm love is our true nature!   Be the Goddess who walks in sunshine and shares it even if the sun isn’t shining.


 These can be challenging times for us all. Falling in love can be the breath of fresh air that lifts our spirit. It begins with our own hea...