Friday, June 12, 2020

The Universe Has Our Back

The Universe Has Our Back

Have you ever felt a safe and secure relationship as a child.  Someone who made you feel protected and guided.  Unfortunately I grew up fearing God and worried that I was never good enough to be loved by God.  Religion did not create a safe heart for me in my younger days.    I pray that young parents bring the love of God and the Universe into the family heart.  So as the children grow into their life they have a safe connection inside them.  Feeling that you are not alone in the dark is important to all of us!

Although our religion did not really make me feel secure my Dad did.  He was strong in his body and soft in his heart.  I recognize this feeling from long ago.  My Dad was the one that had all the answers and helped me solve problems.  As a child growing up I knew he had my back. I felt the same feeling when I met my husband Bruce.  He had so many qualities of my Dad and more.  The icing on the cake was that he too was a spiritual explorer and he matched me there.  It is really wonderful to live your life with a partner you can share everything with.  I don’t think we would have found each other if we had not found that safe place in ourselves.

My journey thus far guided me to an awareness that God was love and this love was in me.  Wisdom also showed me that the Universe is God and this is also the partner of our dreams.  Knowing that the Universe  creates a peace that opens myself to a life that supports me.

I also have so much gratitude and appreciation for a knowing that God’s love sits in the center of my heart.  The Universe has my back, God has a divine plan and I am safe and secure. When the going gets tough and fearful events arrive at the doorway of my heart, I know that I will always be cared for and I will find my way.  Knowing that I have such a powerful back up plan wrapped around my life keeps me safe inside me.

I allow the darkness to play it’s self out and breathe deeply into my connection within.  In time, solutions arrive and the light begins to open me to a better experience.  Trusting that I will find my way and having faith that a new direction will become clear gives me patience.

The Universe has your back too!  It is our privilege and birthright to be supported and all we have to do is take one day at a time and support ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically.  If we do that… the Universe matches us.

The Goddess stays present with the wisdom and sacred partnership of the Universe.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Walking In Sunshine

Walking In Sunshine

Here I sit in front of our Lake as the morning light holds a mirror to its beauty. This lovely experience reminds me of the reflection I desire to be today.  Appreciation, gratitude and love becomes the reflection of my heart. If I walk in the sunshine I can carry the light with me.

I have a private, heavenly choice to be with any negative barriers that may find it’s way here in my heart.  If I breathe deeply into the dark spots within I have an opportunity to dissolve negativity.  It’s  just like when I am sitting on the dock under a cloudy sky and wait for the clouds to pass.  Eventually a ray of sunshine peaks over the edge of the cloud starting to warm my skin.  A little at a time the sun beams expand until a warming blanket covers my body.  This experience fills me as the warmth and good feeling of light opens my heart until I am full.  When my heart is full of kindness, joy, love and peace I feel like I am walking in sunshine where ever I am and my presence is felt warmly.

Our beautiful, warm love is our true nature!   Be the Goddess who walks in sunshine and shares it even if the sun isn’t shining.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

I Know

I Know

I know you can get through this hard time.
I just know…
You feel broken and you are safe to share it with me.
You may crumble a little and lose your way for a short while,
 just for a few moments….it’s okay.
I know when you are ready, you will dig deeply, through the darkness, fear and anguish.
I know you will rise up through the landfill of emotions…
I know it’s not easy at times.
I know you can finish this and I know you will start up again.
I just know who you are and what you are made of.
Your courage has brought you here and your strength will move the mountain.
I know that real soon the light will show you the way.
I also know that inside your heart you know that you are supported.
In case you forget…I will remind you.
All I know right now is that I love you fiercely.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How To Deepen

How To Deepen

Someone has come back into our life.  Each of us, a new version of ourselves coming together.  I can only take care of my own heart.  I have had practice with this over the years.  Friends and loved ones have left abruptly or I have left slowly.   Emotionally or physically each experience caused a personal quest to dig deeper.  Once the judgment and blame had it’s way and became tiresome, I could look deeply inside me.  Taking responsibility where I didn’t speak up or take care of my feelings started the healing process.  Stretching into my past self doubts and fears sometimes takes a little time.  Forgiving myself and the other person could only happen once I released negative emotions that were ignited and charged. At times I would be so shut down with shame and guilt.  I was stuck.  Feelings just need to be felt.  Love wants to live and heal.  We are all all at different levels of learning, growing and taking a responsible look at myself creates the compassion to move into a new place inside me with another.  The opportunity is there, what do I do with it!

The depth can be attained and realized but does not have to be measured.   It takes two to tango.  If we are alone with our thoughts and only want to be right the healing ground may never show up.  Then one fine day we get an opportunity to show up differently.

For me, I begin to see clearly with compassionate awareness.  This feels easy for me as the moment brightens up my heart.  Intimacy creates the healthy communication that wipes away the past.  Here I am in the deepest part of me and will feel us differently together.  Arriving here took some precious time and it is worth it.  I can’t make it better for anyone.  I can only take care of myself.

The Goddess kisses the day that we both show up deeply.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Get Ready

Get Ready

When my sisters and I were 13 years old our parents took us out for dinner in Miami while on vacation.
They told us to dress up because it was going to be a special evening.  I remember feeling very grown up during our dinner at this swanky place.

The evening unfolded sweetly and then suddenly the curtains, right in front of us, opened to “The Temptations” singing “Get Ready.”  Everyone in the dining hall rose to their feet.  The fun and excitement will never leave my memory.  Our Dad especially, was so proud of himself that he had created such a surprise and gift for his 3 daughters.

The show is a blur to me but the feelings are always ignited when I hear the Temptations’ hit songs and I find my heart feels like it will explode with happiness.  Mom and Dad knocked it out of the park  for sure that night!

This experience shows me of how our life can surprise us every day.  I like to think that the words from the song “Get Ready” reminds me to get ready, because in each day, life will give to us.  Yes surprise struggles and surprise gifts are both in the cards.  I find if I take the time to prepare me for the day and get ready emotionally to feel open and centred, what ever comes is important to my soul’s evolution.

The more I get ready for the positive, as I anticipate while connected to my worth and value, the more blessings come my way.  So follow my lead and let’s get ready each day to receive the gifts and treasures of our heart’s desires.

Open up to more goodness knowing that we are all worthy.  The Goddess likes to prepare herself to be ready with this mantra.
“I’m satisfied where I am and open and eager to receive more good.”  Inspired by Abraham Hicks

Have fun getting ready!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Monsters In The Closet or Elephants In The Room

Monsters in the Closet and Elephants in the Room

We can all identify with the uncomfortable feelings of a dark scary monster in the closet.  We also can feel the elephant in the room if someone is closed about something or if we are trying to cover something up.  Both experiences are hidden gems if we face our fear and move the energy around it.

I remember as a child that if I didn’t check my closet and keep it cleaned out the darkness of night would bring me to fears and keep me awake.  It was apparent at a young age I would also feel others uncomfortableness and when I was with friends I could sense the air tighten if myself or others were holding on to hidden struggles.

Wether it is a monster in the closet or an elephant in the room I believe we leave our bodies when the pain of fear, the anguish of resentment or lies of self doubt rise up.  Our negative past experiences or ugly words of judgment become the barriers and burdens.

When uncomfortable negativities sit in my heart or attack my mind, anxieties rise up and shut me down.  Sometimes I don’t even know the source of my fear.  The most important response is to take care of it because all of these emotional negativities are mine.  Lies that are wrapped up with the ego’s hand prints all over it.  The ego takes over and the manipulation and invasion of dark unconscious feelings take over.  Please understand this gobbledygook is real as I am facing it head on.  Allowing it to rise up is okay because it has a mind of it’s own and wants to leave the body.  If I don’t take care of it I feel my critical, unhappy side close me down.  If I don’t  release it I will become the monster in the closet or the elephant in the room.  It’s my responsibility to clear and let go!

The Goddess free’s the monsters and opens her heart to the elephant.  She becomes conscious of what is going on, reveals the truth, acknowledging her pain and lets go of any negative thoughts, judgments and fears.

Sometimes if we shine some light on the fear or share our fears with someone the struggle can have a chance to unravel.  If we feel uncomfortable about anything take the time to acknowledge it. Say a prayer to ask for help and sit in meditation to listen for guidance.  Take action by going inward first and take care of what is trying to get your attention.

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box

My publisher just launched a world wide social media campaign for my latest book “The Inner Workout.”  I am holding the space with harmony as I allow it all to unfold.

It has been an inner journey for me for sure.  Self doubt and uncertainties rise up to be faced, felt and released.  I remember when Bruce and I started ball room dancing, It took me years to fully let go and let him lead.  I believe I am doing the same with my life partner “The Universe, God, Higher Power” all belong to the same Source that lives in me and with me. When I let go of control I can consciously  let the Universe take the lead.

When my confidence in decisions and projects feel uncertain I try to put it in the mystery box because I really don’t know how it will all turn out.  It is out of my hands… letting go and trusting gives me peace.
It is a mystery what tomorrow, next month or the next year will hold.  Sometimes other peoples time lines are a mystery.

Where I need to go is inside with the knowing of who I am and the joy of my life in any moment.  When I dream of the future I have faith that I am on a good path to more love, peace, passion and purpose.

I continue to clear my heart of any fears or negativity with “The Inner Workout” and find my way to satisfied, acceptance and knowing.  When I let go of control the outcome of everything and anything becomes a perfect gift.

The mystery box holds the treasures and capabilities of what I will manifest.  Trust and faith keep my desires and dreams safe as I live happiness in the present.

I am here and the mystery box is on the shelf.

Many blessings arrive each day and I am grateful.

“I will know when I know.”

Dedicated to my sister Philomene Hoffman who  says, “let’s put it in the mystery box.”  She always reminds me about patience with the mystery.

The Universe Has Our Back

The Universe Has Our Back Have you ever felt a safe and secure relationship as a child.  Someone who made you feel protected and guided.  ...