Monday, November 18, 2019

Conviction Of The Heart

Conviction Of The Heart

“I know that the hardest issue for me is judgment.  Mostly judging myself.  This conviction of my heart abuses’ me.”

True experience!!  I felt amazing in my body and in my clothes until I was in the presence of my twin Sister who is 25 lbs. lighter.  I twist and turn with my feelings negatively towards my body and I see myself differently.  I have fought this battle with my ego off and on over the years.  At this time I can’t receive compliments and I hate when I compare myself.  I spiral into a negative vibe when I put on my clothes or see myself in pictures.  Of coarse this pattern continues to get my attention and disappoints me.  

I have been here before and finally see it loud and clear.  While I am going down this confusing stream of thinking, I attract experiences of being judged by others.  My emotional state is vulnerable.  I know that I am the one who is creating this encounter with self doubt again.

My attachment to others opinions or approval becomes apparent and I see where my disapproval of myself is taking me.  I am attracting experiences that offer up feelings of not being accepted.  While this is going on I see clearly my role in all of this.  Judgment magnifies my lack and the place in me that is disconnected from Source.

It’s all a beautiful wake up call  to fall deeper in love with all that I am.  I pray that I am finished with this issue again, as I allow another layer of lies take me to self doubt to dissolve.  I release the heavy burden of negative self criticism and open to the wisdom that lifts me up… My light body is loving.

We may all have days when we are not feeling peace or actively experiencing conditional love.  Convicting ourselves or others with negative thoughts or words keep us out of alignment.  Take the time to find your joy that is  your choice.  Our negative patterns stop the flow.  Create a deep conviction that will become your authentic choice.

The Goddess moves judgment out of her way and accepts the intelligence of love and harmony. Remember God never judges…only we judge.

Say to yourself, “ My conviction is to feel self worth and value in my heart.” I bless this experience.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Taste The Deliciousness of this Moment

IF I am in stress, tension and upset I cannot feel the comfort.  When I am uncomfortable,  breathing consciously and meditating will take me on another wave length.  When I redirect my heart to the good I can find the birth of a peaceful moment.

If I just can’t right now it’s okay.  I can stay in the misery or I can try to move it out myself.  If I cannot I try to do something else that makes me happy or think of something that creates a happier feeling.  Reading about enjoyment or listening to music is a game changer.  While doing so I can still breathe into my solar plexus where the negativity is churning.  Eventually the attention I am giving to myself and the change of scenery is a good thing….it is up to me.  No one else can control me or fix me.

Staying in the misery is not an option for me.  I desire to connect with the Goddess within and  taste the deliciousness of this moment.

At times it may take a triggering experience to arrive there.  Be patient and allow the delicious moment to happily find you.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


My mind body and spirit need the time and space to expand with stillness.  When I give myself the space to connect to this sacred space the more space I will attract.

It sounds simple but at times it’s not easy when overwhelmed.  Take it from me the ease prevails when I make the choice to allow the Universe to match me.

The Goddess finds her space each day and patiently receives the gifts.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Heaven Is Felt

My first Mother's Day without my Mom. The day took me through the pathway of emotions where I landed...a deeper coonnection with my life and truth.

I wrote this today....

Now that Mom is gone, I realize that heaven for me was in her heart. That is where I always felt uncondional love and a safe place to share my pain and fear.

She never judged or criticized me. Mom always made me feel my worth and she held me when I didn't.

I can be with her when I give to my children the same space and time. This connection of a Mother's heart was handed to me when I was born. 56 years of living it with her strengthened this sacred temple in me...


Each Day

Each day is a new beginning, another opportunity to start again, to refresh ourselves and begin to live with more understanding.

Each moment is a precious time for connection within and with another.

Our pain is a doorway to more life.

Every struggle is the pathway to change.

All relationships are the reflection of our inner feelings.

Our breath takes us to physical, emotional and spiritual connection.

Illness moves us to healthy choices.

Time passes... yet being present with our full life creates the presence of more life.

Today let's begin again.....BREATHE.

Release any negative thoughts and feelings.

Forgive this or that...forgive him or her....forgive yourself.

Breathe into compassion....breathe into your heart that is open.

Shine the light as you breathe with ease.

Connect to the presence of love, joy, faith and acceptance.

Begin your day with your life with gratefulness.

End your day feeling peace.

Rest now .....

Dream and manifest your desires.

Begin again....another wonderful chance to be in love.

Make The Choice To Connect

I fed my spirit with time needed and reconnected to my daily pleasures and joyful nurchering.

No one will give us the time to take care of ourself, it is always our choice and our planning.

When days are so full I try to wake up with the sunrise and connect within as I breathe in consciously the precious moments of care giving for myself

Rushing around with deadlines and details continue to try to take me away from the importance of my needs.

Days seem to fly by and the detication to my health and wellness has to be woven into everything I do.

When I care and support myself I will be supported and resentment won't build up and make me a victim.

Uncomfortable negativity can be released when I acknowledge my feelings.
When my heart opens I connect to the presence and moving forward is easier.
I look at any emotional pain as a great opportunity to be with myself. Safe communication and intimacy with loved ones can be the pathway to awarness.  Choosing to care for my own heart continues to create a sacred space for anyone who enters my daily life.

Day and night time rituals keep me connected with my mind, body, soul and spirit.

Make the choice to connect!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

You Is Kind...From the Movie The Help

What a moving and powerful film…THE HELP! If only each of us grew up with that mantra so that the lies of self-doubt and unworthiness would stop haunting us. In the movie the main character Abaleen (a black maid and nanny) would say to the 4 year old child that she cares for, these words each day…You is kind, You is smart, You is important. In the movie the mother would ignore her child and treat her badly. The little girl just loved Abaleen and told her that she was her real mom. She felt safe and loved in the arms of her caregiver.

As adults we can become shut down or reactive when we are shamed or feel unloved. Our childhood wounds create an ignition of negative thoughts and feelings. Needing others love and approval continues to keep us reliving patterns and relationships that make us feel not good enough.

It is our responsibility to take care of our emotional body. No one can fix us or take care of us emotionally. Our connection with our inner pain of self-doubt, resentment, guilt, shame and disappointment keeps us available to our own life. If we don’t feel lovable, kind, smart, important or beautiful than it is time to change our beliefs and plug into the void of love inside.

Plugging into someone else to get our needs met will not be healthy for us either. Walking on eggshells and becoming inauthentic when it comes to our relationships will eventually turn others off and cause us resentment and disappointment.

When we are needy for love we put up with disrespect and abusive behavior. Controlling others for love has conditions and creates unsafe experiences within any relationship.
Our void of love is connected to self-worth issues stemming from childhood beliefs.

Put the energy into becoming a healthy man or woman. Become authentic and attractive from within and attract your reflection.

Move away any negative feelings about yourself and become connected to your valuable, lovable and worthy self.

Look at your significant relationships and acknowledge the truth.

Discover how to love and be loved!
Say outloud! "I am kind, I am smart and I am important"!

Conviction Of The Heart

Conviction Of The Heart “I know that the hardest issue for me is judgment.  Mostly judging myself.  This conviction of my heart abuses’...